Small Yet Delightfully Modern Cabin in New Zealand

The idea of a cabin in postcard-beautiful New Zealand is amazing, all on its own. The Skylark Cabin in the small town of Twizel takes the dream of a cabin to a new level, with innovative design and layout in a small package.

The work of Barry Connor Architectural Design, this impressive little cabin is made from blackened Siberian Larch with a contrasting orange framing. The offset open plan space is designed so that morning sun in both summer and winter can filter through.

The interior is clad in beech wood panels which help make the cabin feel warm and natural, while mirroring the tan grasslands of the natural setting.

Not overly luxurious, not overly huge, the Skylark strikes just the right chord of design and functionality.

“Gently nestled into the tussock grasslands at the foothills of the Ben Ohau range sits the Skylark Cabin.

A place to literally soak up the landscape with a focus on effortless relaxation.”

– Barry Connor Architectural Design