Stunning Stair Design From Around the World

Stairways have been moving people up and down floors for centuries. The simple act of walking up a staircase is often something we never even think about. However, designers have been exploring this architectural element for as long as stairs have been around, and have shown us just how unique, creative, and stylish stairs can be. It’s amazing how a pop of color can change the feel of a space, or how use of different materials can change the mood of a home or office.

We explore a few examples of creatively designed stairways below.



Bespoke, colorful resin stairway in London

Designer: Sphere8



Minimal suspended staircase integrated into shelving

Designer: Edouard Brunet & François Martens; P – Dennis De Smet



Curvaceous, organic wooden staircase

Designer: Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop



Minimal floating staircase by famed architect Zaha Hadid

Designer: Zaha Hadid



Bright pink powder coated stairs

Visualizer: Studio Open



Clever floating red staircase in London home

Designer:  Michaelis Boyd



Art deco inspired staircase with integrated courtyard garden

Visualizer: Hausmax Design



Integrated Library staircase for home

Designer: Moon Hoon



Futuristic ‘Egg’ Portal staircase



Sculptural curving staircase with integrated fountain


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