Tesla’s Beautiful Roofs


It’s no secret that Tesla is soon to acquire Solar City, the country’s biggest solar installer, and a company that Elon Musk sits on the board of.  In that spirit, Musk took the stage this week in an unusual setting, a suburban cul de sac. The reason? To show off the latest in solar roof technology and design.


The company’s latest innovation is a dramatically improved solar tile, meant to replace traditional roofing material, while generating electricity, and looking beautiful.  The homes surrounding the stage that Musk spoke at had all been retrofitted with the new solar roofs, ranging from a French slate style to a Tuscan terra-cotta glass tile.  The roofs are sleek and integrated, generating power into the Tesla Powerwall, which can power a four bedroom house indefinitely. Even better, they claim to be more robust and less expensive vs. a traditional roof with assumed electricity costs.  Impressive stuff, Elon. Keep it up. Via Tesla: