The “Eames Chair” of Baby Cribs

The Eames Chair set a high water mark for mid-century design when it was released in 1956. The curved plywood shell became instantly recognizable, and still inspires designers, 60 years later. The Argo crib by Ludwig & Dominique is being described as the ‘Eames Chair’ of baby bassinets, or cribs.

Eschewing bright colors and plastic materials for French Oak and copper, the Argo is a meticulously crafted piece that you’ll want in your home long after your child outgrows it. Elegantly inlaid copper patterns are decorative, but also shield your baby from electromagnetic waves from our onslaught of digital devices. A folding wool screen offers full protection from insects and glare. No word on pricing, but you can bet this work of art will put a good-sized dent in your wallet. Via Yanko Design:


Explaining the name, Argo:

Designed under the auspices of the Argo Navis ancient constellation. The three main parts of the the crib are named after the three sub-sections of this ancient constellation: the Hull (Carina), the Stern (Puppis) and the Sail (Vela). As a secret detail, the constellation is displayed with straw marquetry on the inner side of the Stern.