The Storybook Beauty of Utah’s Monument Valley

Characterized as the iconic, classic vision of the American West, Monument Valley embodies the feeling of the stereotypical ‘Wild West’, cowboys, and huge, wide open skies. The area has been featured in countless movies and stories over the last hundred years.

The massive rock formations of this area create a visual playground that only enhance the sense of scale and imagination. The lack of trees in the surrounding desert add to the scale and vastness of it all, with the rock formations appearing almost like big characters on a wide open plain.

Part of the massive Colorado Plateau, the sandstone buttes reach up to 1,000 feet in height, towering against the wide open valley. They were carved by wind and water over thousands of years, testament to the ever changing and shifting surface of our beautiful and fragile planet.

Thanks to the great photographers on Unsplash for the images of this iconic part of the world. 

“The southeast corner of Utah looks about like it did 300 years ago, which looked like it did 3,000 years ago: vast, wild and sunbaked, with deep canyons and towering buttes variegating the desert plain. You’ll see the sky, bigger and bluer than you remembered. You’ll see the earth, red, rough and unpredictable.

And you won’t see anything else. Monument Valley is what wind and water can make with enough time and creative license. Stand stranded at its center, struck by astounding simplicity. It will never happen again.”