The World’s First Clear TV Makes Us Ask, Why?

We admire a lot of tech innovations, and the advancements they bring along with them. However, there are some new gadgets, no matter how cool, that make us ponder, why? What does this add to the world?

The brand new transparent TV by Xiaomi is one of those items. It’s beautiful, yes, a giant pane of transparent glass on a stand, cleverly displaying an image that seemingly floats in midair.

But it’s such a novelty, that we wonder if it’s a product that needs to exist, or only does because it can.

When placed in front of a perfectly smooth wall, the transparent screen works well. But if there are items behind it, they will distract from the image, creating a lot of visual chaos.  We’ll see if stores or other retail environments might benefit from such a display. But for now, it seems like just another expensive toy.

The 55″ Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition goes on sale this fall for $7,200.


Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition offers a perfect combination of cutting-edge display technology and exquisite industrial design,’ Says Xiaomi. ‘for Xiaomi, it is also a major exploration of future TV forms. when Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is turned off, it looks like a mere glass display. the pictures it displays seem to be floating in the air, merging the virtual and the real to bring an unprecedented visual experience.’