Three Dimensional Paintings by Chris Dorosz

chris dorosz moss and fog 1

When you think of a 3D painting, you might think about the way the paint strokes are slightly raised from the flat canvas. With this series of extraordinary paintings by Chris Dorosz, you’d be wrong. His work takes 3D to a whole different level, suspending individual strokes of paint on string, creating a truly dimensional work of art.

Seen from an angle other than straight-on, his work appears like abstract squiggles and daubs. But when viewed from head-on, the portraits appear, almost like magic, aligning to create a beautiful, almost traditional abstract impressionism style.  His work is on display at the Muriel Guépin Gallery in New York. Via Colossal:

chris dorosz moss and fog 2

From the artist, on his interpretation of the paint drop:

“a form that takes shape not from a brush or any human-made implement or gesture, but purely from its own viscosity and the air it falls through, as analogous to the building blocks that make up the human body (DNA) or even its mimetic representation (the pixel).”

chris dorosz moss and fog 3chris dorosz moss and fog 4chris dorosz moss and fog 5chris dorosz moss and fog 6chris dorosz moss and fog 7