Too Long Without a Post!

Sorry for MONTHS of no writing! I partly blame a busy life, and partly an online universe that has been getting significantly more crowded.

Regardless, it’s been too long. I’m back!

Following a friend of mine, here is a brief recap of my last few months:

Pig Roast

Ian and Sasha hosted a delicious pig roast!


I flew home to Michigan and attended a beautiful wedding


I went home and was fed very well. Here Dan is making wood-fired paella on the grill.

sideline photos

we had our 16th Annual (!) 4th of July Baseball Game. It was a lot of fun. My team lost.

shooting the game

Esther was pitcher for Team Money

David batting

David was pitcher for Team Love


There were many delicious looking pies around. This one was handcrafted out of felt by Tricia!