Travel Gaming: How To Play Games On The Move

Playing games when you are on your travels is a great way to pass the time. You may be stuck in traffic, waiting on a delayed flight in a departure lounge, or on a long and nonstop train journey; games have got your back. Here are some easy ways to play games on the move.

With Your Smartphone

As long as you have internet access, either 4G or WiFi, then you probably have a highly capable games machine in the palm of your hand or your pocket. The smartphone has grown to be the world’s most popular computer. They are a great way to get into gaming as you do not need to buy an additional device, you already have everything you need.

Playing online gives you access to all kinds of games and online casinos. If you enjoy video poker, slots, or roulette your should try Jackpot Casino. Their introductory offers are perfect for trying out some games while you are travelling at this South African casino. You can play games there from nearly anywhere in the world.


With A Portable Game System

The best tool for the job is the one that has been specifically designed for the task. There are plenty of options out there to choose from. Think about what you want from a portable game system before you get your heart set on one. Size is an important factor. 

The Nintendo Switch is a popular and versatile portable games machine but it can take up a lot of room in a bag and be difficult to carry around when you are not playing on it. Think about battery life too. Long-haul flights often mean long spells in departure lounges. Consider how long you may be playing between opportunities to recharge batteries. This should help narrow your search down.


Don’t Get Bored, Get Board Games

Never overlook travel board games, especially if you may be playing with family and friends. Breaking out a full-sized Monopoly board isn’t practical for travel by plane, train, or car, but the small travel-size version works anywhere. 

There are many other travel board games to choose from, and a small collection can fit in a small bag or under a car seat. Chess and checkers sets are a good addition, and there is a multitude of different-sized sets to choose from. 



Card Games For The Win

The deck of cards. For something low-tech, battery-free, with no small pieces to lose, and a seemingly endless selection of games to play on your own or with many players, accept no substitutes. From casino classics to solitaire, a deck of cards can make hours of travel fly by. 

You can play fun and simple games with young children, like snap, or more complex and challenging card games like hearts or bridge with older kids and adults. This is where the humble and pocket-sized deck of cards excels; there are thousands of games but all you need is one deck.

Next time you are going on your travels make sure you pack one or two of these mobile gaming options. Keeping yourself entertained on a long trip can be a tedious challenge but with the help of a few games, the hours and miles will fly by.