Unknown Uzbekistan

Even for those that consider themselves well traveled, there are plenty of spots on the globe that still feel mysterious or unknown.  For us, the country of Uzbekistan fits that criteria. It’s not often in the news, it doesn’t feel top-of-mind from a cultural standpoint, and we probably couldn’t point it out on a map without some research.

However, learning about these ‘unknown’ places is always refreshing and enlightening. Especially when their culture is so steeped in history, and they give us so many visual treats. With centuries of history including important stops on the Silk Road, the country has a fascinating culture, and it shows.

Award-winning photographer Dimitar Karanikolov takes us on an amazing journey to this landlocked country in Central Asia, showing the architectural beauty of Samarkand and Bukhara, two ancient cities that are known for their ornate architecture.

Showcasing impressive Persian influence and tile work, we see mosques that have stood for centuries, photographed with expert skill.

Have you been to Uzbekistan? We’d love to know your impression.

Photographs used with artist’s permission. See more of Karanikolov’s work on Behance and Instagram.