Vibrant and Frenetic Concert Posters and Artwork by Travis Gillan

Concert posters are an enviable medium for artists and graphic designers, allowing them to be highly expressive and individualistic, while also creating coveted, purchasable keepsakes from a great show.

We’re impressed by artist Travis Gillan, whose work has spanned a number of mediums, but is becoming a favorite for bigger named acts, ones that fit his vibrant and psychedelic aesthetic. The maximalist approach brings a level of density and visual interest that draws the viewer in.

His illustration work also has a painterly quality to it, with a great level of shading, shadow and detail that makes the characters pop.

See Gillan’s body of work on his website and Instagram.


Images used with artist’s permission. 

Reflecting on his often psychedelic and surreal work, Gillan says:

“Inspiration for new work is usually a reflection of the thoughts that have been ruminating for the past few days. Typically my mind is fixated on the fact that anything exists at all and the inseparability of everything.”