A quieter weekend than last. The weather is decidedly more subdued, seasonal and contemplative. The freakish beauty of last week was an anomaly, and while certainly welcome, it’s not unexpected that we’re back to a bit of drizzle.

I have been playing with my (semi) new camera more, and it’s a powerful contraption. I am not skilled in the technical settings, but getting a hold of it. Here are some evening shots taken at my house:

headlight trails

The tree behind my deck is also flowering like crazy right now. The green is emerging…


One of my jobs this weekend is to help Carrie of Sock It To Me get her entire sock catalog photographed. It’s a big task, and I’ve been snapping shots of socks for many, many hours. 😉



And that’s about all for me for this weekend. Thanks for checking in. Talk to you soon!