What We’re Reading These Days to Stay Informed – 1440

Catching up on news and world events can be a tiring or even demoralizing task, as so much news these days is biased, dramatized, or tilted to achieve a certain outcome.

We’ve found that pushing politicized news is one of the biggest ways our culture is being divided.

Luckily, there are organizations dedicated to delivering news directly to your inbox without bias, offering up insight without any motivating factors.

1440 is one of the best out there, with over 2 million daily subscribers. They scour over a hundred news sources, gathering top news events of the day and week, and deliver it without motives, in an easy-to-digest newsletter.


It’s 100% free, which makes it a no brainer, too. We have been reading it every morning to stay on top of world events, fascinating history, and advances in science and technology, all without having to jump to twenty different websites to find articles to inform us.

1440 writes without sarcasm or political agenda, which feels like a breath of fresh air in a culture that is steeped in clickbait.

Completely free, we’re readers ourselves, and recommend 1440 for an unbiased, and helpful way to stay informed in our busy lives. Sign up now!