Why Quiet Home Appliances Are Good For You

Stillness is a relevant virtue. However, our lives tend to be so fast-paced that we forget the many benefits of slowing down. A moment of silence is beneficial for reducing stress, decreasing anxiety, and boosting concentration. Of course, with so many devices buzzing and ringing in our every-day-life, it is almost impossible to find such sacred tranquility. 


Bear in mind, that we are not merely referring to smartphones. Home appliances become a nuisance as well – producing rackets, dronings, and hummings. Luckily, these problems have solutions. Let’s explore why quiet home appliances are the best choice for you. 


The Kitchen 

The main reason we eat is to survive. We don’t want to starve, so we cook, and eat. Simple. 

Nonetheless, we can’t say that’s the only motive for cooking. In fact, cooking is a form of art as well. As such, it requires concentration and attention to detail.

 A loud environment doesn’t help at all. What’s more, excessively loud appliances may even disturb your sleep, even if they come from the kitchen. Therefore, find simple solutions to silence your appliances. 

Truth is, you don’t even have to buy new devices. Instead, focus on the quick fix. If the washing machine vibrates too much, it is probably because of an uneven position. Adjust the feet until the machine is balanced. 

Also, dismantle old devices and clean their filters. The older they are, the more likely it is that they have gathered rust and filth throughout the years. 


The Garden 

Taking care of your garden is a therapeutic experience. Kneeling down on a sunny spring morning, planting and watering flowers, harvesting homemade vegetables. The mere thought of it is already a peace bringer. 

That is until you have to cut the grass. Now, peace is shattered with huge dronings and grindings. You don’t have ear protectors, so you damage your ears. Not to mention, the noise wakes your neighbors up. 

Believe it or not, cutting grass or blowing leaves generates noise pollution. In the long run, those activities could permanently damage your ears. So, try some alternatives like getting a quiet lawn tractor or switching the leaf blower for a rake, at least every now and then. After all, the only sounds you should hear in your garden need to come from nature. 



The Bedroom 

This should be the most silent room in your house. All things considered, it is the place where you go to rest, and nothing should disturb that rest. Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to every case. 

One of the appliances that disturb your sleep is the alarm clock. Of course, its task is to wake you up. However, it’s one thing to be woken up with a smooth melody, and another with a hellish alarm ringing. 

So, you should get a gentle alarm clock. Not only do they generate a mellower waking sound, but they also lack the repetitive ticking of the needle. Say goodbye to rude awakenings and make your mornings something more enjoyable. 

Lastly, think about adding a quiet air purifier. Since bedrooms generally are rather closed places, it is possible to feel slightly suffocated in there. This is especially true when waking up in the middle of summer when hot temperatures are uncontrollable. 

Air purifiers could get rid of these problems. Nonetheless, a quiet air purifier gets rid of the problem without making a mess. 


The Bathroom 

Even inside the most private part of your house, you still can’t escape unwanted noise. We are talking, among other devices, about washing machines. 

Here we find the same problem we had in the kitchen: a rumbling machine that disturbs the silence. Now, if you cannot balance the washing machine, we encourage you to get a stackable washer and dryer. 

Also, have you ever thought about silencing your toilet flush? Seems strange, but it does make a difference! 

All in all, going to the bathroom is a natural event. However, it is still a bit embarrassing being heard flushing the toilet. Fortunately, you can get rid of this issue with a quiet flush toilet. 

Now that we mentioned the shame of being heard inside a bathroom, we must talk about white noise machines. As the name implies, a white noise machine produces a calm ambient sound that masks every other unwanted sound. Additionally, the static white noise makes for a more relaxing atmosphere, which would be great for taking a relaxing bath! 


Our homes are places where we should feel secure and comfortable. Unwanted noises interrupt that comfort, even if we don’t consciously perceive them. So, try to switch from regular home appliances to quieter ones. They will grant the peace you deserve.