Wildly Colorful Pasta Creations by David Rivillo

We didn’t know the world of pasta could be quite so vibrant and patterned until we came across the work of David Rivillo.  The chef started working with a pasta machine in 2016 and didn’t look back.

He’s taken the idea of colorful, striped, and patterned pasta to new heights, with much of his work looking more like sculptures than edible dishes. Some of the strands of spaghetti and flat pasta are so vibrant they look like colorful shoelaces or decorative ribbon.

Check out his impressive work below, and more on his Instagram. Via BoredPanda:

Regarding Rivillo’s inspiration:

“My inspiration comes from everywhere: nature, any artwork, architecture, textile, and fashion designs. I’m constantly thinking about making any design that looks interesting into pasta. Before the pandemic in 2019, I had some ideas in mind and did some minor stuff, but I didn’t have the time to develop those ideas entirely because of my work. It was just in the pandemic, throughout the lockdown, when everything started to take off.”