Zack Seckler’s Aerial Africa

It’s true. We post a lot of aerial galleries. A lot of drone footage and imagery. Thankfully, the content keeps being shared with the world, and it just seems to get better and better. Take the work of Zack Seckler. He’s a photographer who is at home in the field as he is in an elaborate studio setup. We’re particularly impressed with his aerial imagery from Botswana, however. Taken from both an ultralight and a small Cessna, his photographs showcase the pure beauty of Botswana’s countryside. From the Makgadikgadi Pans, to the Okavango Delta, his images show huge expanses of land, with Africa’s majestic wildlife exploring it. We’ve been fortunate to visit Botswana, and can attest to it’s purity, natural beauty, and integrity as a country.  Wired further explores Seckler and his photographic journey.

aerial-africa-moss-and-fog-1From the air, but at a low height, you get an amazing perspective of Zebras at a watering hole.

aerial-africa-moss-and-fog-2Wildlife at a watering hole, from above.