Beautifully Restored Midcentury Home in Michigan

Grosse Pointe, Michigan, is just outside of Detroit, and is home to a number of classic architectural gems, from the heyday of the automotive industry’s boom. Some of these have been preserved, but others had been left to decay, due to the region’s economic changes.  Thankfully, some of these classic homes have recently been bought and restored to their former glory, like the W. Hawkins Ferry House. Designed by William Kessler in 1963, the beautifully clean-lined structure was home to an amazing art collection, including works by Picasso and Rothko. A younger couple bought it in 2015 and spent considerable time and money restoring all aspects of the house, from a lakeside patio to a gorgeous terrazzo spiral staircase. Really lovely home, and great to see an architectural classic restored. Via The National Trust for Historic Preservation:

Hawkins Ferry exterior at nightHawkins Ferry exteriorHawkins Ferry libraryHawkins Ferry living roomHawkins Ferry piano roomHawkins Ferry stairway