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Design/culture websites are plentiful, but when well curated, they can be great respites on the internet to get inspired and find new ideas.

We try to cover areas of design and science and nature that appeal to the eye, but also the brain. We credit artists and designers for their work, and do our best to share quality, inspiring posts.


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Some Of Our Newest Projects

We’ve grown Moss and Fog over the last several years, and covered dozens of topics, from fine art to technology and travel.

We’re excited to announce our newest websites, which dive into some of our passions more deeply, and offer a specialized perspective.



At Whole Earth Home we’re striving to live smarter, better, and in more harmony with the natural world. We feature articles about interior design, home improvement, energy efficiency, and organic living.



Electric Future is on the cutting edge of electrification, EVs, and concept cars. We post about the newest automobile design, and the quickly-evolving world of electric cars.





My name is Ben. I’m a creative designer with a love of journalism and a desire to share impactful, memorable stories.

It’s thrilling to combine my love of design and technology on a website that continues to grow and prosper.


What started as a personal journey has evolved into something larger and more far reaching, and I’m excited to share inspiration from all corners of the globe that visit the site.



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