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In an understated description, Andy Hixon writes:

“Here are some sculptures I have been working on….simple as that really.”

His work is defined by human forms abstracted into geometric shapes and objects. They’re also photographed in a unique way, using a finger painted background motif to add depth and interest. Nice work. Via Behance:

andy-hixon-moss-and-fog-1 andy-hixon-moss-and-fog-2 andy-hixon-moss-and-fog-4



In a beautiful and inspiring series, Federico Picci portrays music from a grand piano spilling out as soft, pink bubbles. Entitled Filling Spaces, the bubbles consume the space, giving a sense of buoyancy, movement, and positivity. As a pianist himself, Picci can speak to the emotion that playing can give, and he absolutely nails this series. Via Artistic Odyssey:

federico_picci_filling_spaces-moss-and-fog-2 federico_picci_filling_spaces-moss-and-fog-3federico_picci_filling_spaces-moss-and-fog-4federico_picci-moss-and-fog-5



Spend too much time looking at the news these days, and you’re liable to want to leave the mainland. Literally. Well, if you happen to have deep (very deep) pockets, Melody Key might be just the ticket. Located 25 miles from Key West, this miniature island is only 5.24 acres, but features a beautiful three story timber lodge, complete with a self sufficient solar and desalination system. And the fact that it’d be your own private island just sounds good.  Yours, for a cool $6.9 million. Via Uncrate:

melody-key-2 melody-key-3 melody-key-5 melody-key-6 melody-key-8


Anish Kapoor makes “wow” art installations. Think the shiny metallic “bean” in Chicago, a giant red megaphone in the New Zealand countryside, etc. His latest install in Brooklyn will be “Descension”, a constantly funneling black whirlpool of water, contained within a perfect circle. Via DesignBoom:



This ingenious, miniature solar contraption unfurls like a flower, and tracks the sun, harvesting enough electricity for a four person family. The articulating design also completely folds flat, and tucks itself away into an unobtrusive, ground-mounted case. Smartflower, an Austrian company, claims their device gathers 40% more energy than roof-mounted systems. Smart, indeed.

Check out the video on Mashable:


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Bigger than any human concern, far more important than social current events, is the health of our planet. Humans have pushed Mother Earth to the brink, and we’re starting to see the effects of our unchecked arrogance, greed, and disrespect.


I find a small amount of solace in these lovely watercolor pieces by Yevheniia Hlova of Spain. Entitled Wake Up, they give soft yet obvious wake up calls to us, as humans.



I stumbled upon this remarkable tequila in Kyoto, Japan, of all places. In a lovely tequila bar, this bottle stood head and shoulders 😉 above most of the others on the shelf. The geometric head form is instantly memorable, and Mucha Liga’s website shows an impressive backstory and pedigree for their agave concoction.



This glass house of a juice stand should get your attention. Created by 314 Architecture in Athens, Greece, this beautiful greenhouse of a structure appears as if it would make you healthier just by entering it. Created for Bfresh Spitiko, serving all natural fruit juices. Note the peacock, fox, and reindeer, for effect.  Via DesignBoom:

futuristic-juice-stand-2-moss-and-fog futuristic-juice-stand-3-moss-and-fog


Cheese as form sounds a little…cheesy, huh? Well, it works, and it’s simplicity and color are oddly appealing, makes the stomach growl a bit. Dorine Bessière put together a fun, minimal collection. Via her Behance page:


Philippe Starck is a famous designer who has worked on everything from furniture to architecture to watches and homewares. For a new line of eyeglasses, advertisements showcase the Biolink flexibility of the frames by warping human faces into flat canvasses. Strange yet captivating, the ads seem to work for me, I want to know more. Via GBH London:

starck-eyes-2-moss-and-fog starck-eyes-3-moss-and-fog

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