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These large, beautifully smooth prints from Shane Griffin are taken through glass, showcasing the lovely way light creates chromatic spectrums.  The forms are abstract, and the viewer gets a sense of the fluidity and kinetic energy of the shapes. Via Behance:

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Beijing, Beijing, China, North-East Asia, Asia

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A simple flip of a (beautiful) photo, and something entirely new appears. That’s what happened with this landscape photo by Kevin Wolf. After photographing Yosemite National Park, above, Kevin noticed the murky water at the bottom of the reflection resembled a beautiful starry sky. The photo was flipped, below, and the magic appeared.


The glassy water allowed for this amazing shot, and but for a few small ripples, you’d never guess the starry night image is upside down. Simple and beautiful. That’s why a photo can speak 1000 words. Via MyModernMet:


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Iceland, oh Iceland. You’re so beautiful it hurts. We could post about your vast otherworldly landscapes for months, and not get tired of it. The contrasts, the forms, the rawness. Iceland is so full of picturesque vistas it boggles the mind. Lukas Furlan has a gorgeous glimpse of Iceland, in 4k.  Next, we need to get ourselves some plane tickets to visit this place in person.


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Secret Wood makes exquisite jewelry of natural materials that resembles holding an entire world on your finger. Their rings are made of wood, resin, beeswax, and are so artfully created that you could stare into them for hours. Many of their designs have glow-in-the-dark properties as well, making them even more magical.  If you’re a fan of snow globes, these rings have the same miniature world properties. Hand made, and starting at $90.


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We love posting about artists and illustrators who add color and joy to the world. Melbourne-based artist Marc Martin is one of those people, with a fabulous sense of hue and form in his paintings and illustrations. His work is playful and accessible, but showcases a depth and dexterity that proves his talent. Via TheDesignFiles:


His work spans a wide range of subjects, with a huge collection of prints available of his colorful animals.




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burdeny-5Artfully composed and arranged, these gorgeous aerial photographs of salterns -salt fields, are the work of David Burdeny.  Taken high overhead Utah, Mexico, and Australia, the vast pools of color and form turn these photographs into what looks like postmodern paintings. Click the images to see them in full size glory. Via Colossal:



Paris is wonderfully romantic and scenic, and floating down the city’s famed Seine river is a pleasure. But how about pedaling your way to your destination? A clever concept by Carlo Ratti, this human-powered gym boat is designed in response to Paris’ transportation and public infrastructure demands. Via DesignBoom:

“The Paris navigating gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power, it’s fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of electric power.”

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Andrew Fairclough takes the idea of a city guide for Australia’s international students, and makes them personal with this series of designs. Full of detail and beautifully executed, these would look great as a framed series.

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No, there’s not a full length Wes Anderson movie out this holiday season to satisfy your film cravings, but oddly enough, there’s a charming H&M ad you can watch, and it’s pretty great. Adrien Brody stars as the train conductor, and even though the film is under 4 minutes, it has man of the charming touches you’ve come to expect from a Wes Anderson movie. From the delightful set pieces to his trademark timing and camera angles, it’s a very cohesive little piece. And thankfully, it’s decidedly un-advertisey. Thanks H&M!

wes-anderson-1 wes-anderson-2 wes-anderson-3

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Nearly a mile off the coast of Tasmania, there’s a special hotel room that is like no other. Step down the ladder of this nicely appointed three level space, and you’ll find yourself undersea, with an amazing view of the fish-filled reefs Tasman sea. This underwater hotel costs $1500 a night, but for an unforgettable experience, it might just be worth it.


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