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Earth’s least visited continent offers a lot in the way of ice. But often we don’t get a sense of it’s beauty, the detail in the forms of blue ice that make up this cold, frozen land. Photographer Julieanne Kost helps us get a sense of that beauty in her collection of images taken in Black Head, Cuverville Island, and Pleneau Bay. Her images show some of the most stunning shades of blue, and make us want to dip our toes into that icy water. Via Colossal:
antarctica blue soul 2 antarctica blue soul 3 antarctica blue soul 4 antarctica blue soul 5 antarctica blue soul 6 antarctica blue soul1

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Canadian-Portuguese artist Rob Gonsalves carries on a tradition of mind-bending surrealist art, in a very warm, cozy manner. His work is playful and carefully executed, showing a sense of nostalgia and playfulness. The artist began painting at age 12, and has been prolific ever since.  A great way to expand your mind. Via the Creators Project:
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My childhood was spent walking the shores of Lake Michigan, playing on the sand, and finding beautiful stones along the way. We also collected “lucky glass”, our name for beach glass, or weathered, washed up pieces of colorful, sand-sculpted glass. I still have a collection of it today, sitting on my dresser. So Andie’s Specialty Sweets hit a soft spot when they released their edible beach glass, hand made to mimic the real thing, with flavors like sea-salty, coconut, rum, and tangy lime. I love the attention to detail, including the imprinted “bottle text” and color hues. Via Colossal:

beach-2 beach-3 beach-5 beach-6



Tony Luciani created a very touching, funny, and quirky series of photos with his 91 year old mother. As her full-time caregiver, Luciani created a collection called The Strange Ones, allowing his mother to be playfully bizarre, and create a legacy of humor and fun, in the later years of her life, dealing with dementia. Via MyModernMet:

tonyluciani2 tonyluciani3 tonyluciani6 tonyluciani7 tonyluciani11 tonyluciani12 tonyluciani15


Hong Kong is impressive, no matter how you view it. But when visually mirrored and paired with a beautiful soundtrack, it becomes something amazing. Visual Suspect created this time-lapse film entitled The Allegory of the Cave, a reference to Plato. Via Sploid:

HK1 hk2 HK3 hk4 hk5

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Everyday items like pushpins are rarely special enough to post about, but the Balloon Pin House is both clever and adorable, bringing to mind the floating house from Pixar’s Up. The pins stick into a solid cork ball that is attached to the house, all of which hangs on your cork board, waiting for the next adventure. Buy it now from designer Clive Roddy:

BPHouse2 BPHouse5 BPHouse6 BPHouse7 BPHouse8


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In a comical series of self-deprecating found objects, these clever slogans have a nicely resonant feel for a Monday. Created by Gui Machado and Lucas Saugen of Dirty Bandits
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Beartooth is a massive sculpture installed by Ensemble Studio in Fishtail, Montana, at the Tippet Rise Art Center. The enormous undertaking was meant to evoke notions of geological transformation, and interpret the landscape in profound ways. Made of cast concrete along with materials native to the installation site, the sculpture required months of preparation and build time, including the use of large construction cranes. Thought-provoking, impressive work. See more and watch a making-of video on DesignBoom:

[The goal was] creating harmony between an architectural intervention and the local landscape, the team was drawn to earthen materials and preexisting natural conditions in the project’s conception.

ensemble-studio-structures-of-landscapes-venice-architecture-biennale-designboom-01 ensemble-studio-structures-of-landscapes-venice-architecture-biennale-designboom-02 ensemble-studio-structures-of-landscapes-venice-architecture-biennale-designboom-03 ensemble-studio-structures-of-landscapes-venice-architecture-biennale-designboom-07 ensemble-studio-structures-of-landscapes-venice-architecture-biennale-designboom-08

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So fun and adorable that we immediately had to snag one off of Etsy, Lidiya Marinchuk’s hand-painted creatures are made of cotton, with detailed and precise designs that show great personality. Based in the Ukraine, her items are available for purchase, and sure to bring you smiles.
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Flying high over the Pacific Ocean, pilot Santiago Borja of Ecuador Airlines captured an amazing photo of a giant thunderstorm lit by its own lightning bolts. The scale, form and lighting are incredible. Via the Washington Post:

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