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The Style Frames Design Conference hired animator Eran Hilleli to design opening credits for it’s show, and he delivered in a big way with this surreal and engrossing intro. Great use of sound, color and motion to slowly but enticingly introduce the show. The characters are fascinating and show a great imagination at work. Via Colossal:

eran-hilleli-1 eran-hilleli-2

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Rutger Paulusse has a fun series called Skateboards where the boards themselves do the bending. Combined with a fun pastel color palette, his work is whimsical and casually inviting. Via Behance:

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Simply titled The Barn, this stunning property is a guesthouse by architecture firm Carney Logan Burke. With huge windows overlooking quaking aspen trees and views of the Teton mountains, we’d love to spend a weekend tucked into this rehabilitated 1900s barn. Via Uncrate:

the-barn-moss-and-fog-2 the-barn-moss-and-fog-3 the-barn-moss-and-fog-4 the-barn-moss-and-fog-5 the-barn-moss-and-fog-6



What would the original Mayflower voyagers have thought if it saw this sleek, unmanned catamaran silently sailing the ocean? Well, in 2020, this craft will set sail across the Atlantic, to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original Mayflower voyage. Dubbed the Mayflower400, this high-tech craft will set sail from Plymouth, in the UK, to the United States, on the same voyage path as the original. The ship’s goal:

To build an autonomous vessel capable of conducting scientific research with the endurance and reliability to operate remotely in all corners of the globe. The vessel is to be powered by renewable energy and where necessary compliant with maritime regulations. The vessel is to have undergone an extensive sea trial period and be ready to participate in the Mayflower 400 Commemorations in 2020.

mayflower-2020-moss-and-fog-2 mayflower-2020-moss-and-fog-3

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Rob Bailey has a distinct minimalism that is colorful yet restrained. His beach-vibe work has a playfulness to it, without feeling cheap. Follow his Instagram for new work.

rob-bailey-bananas-moss-and-fog rob-bailey-brummel rob-bailey-float-moss-and-fog rob-bailey-fungus-moss-and-fog rob-bailey-plant-lady-moss-and-fog

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bridge in the fog

Polish photographer Łukasz Breitenbach presents a dreamlike series of images, “Bridge in the Fog”. The fog is thick enough to create a sense of disappearing, which lend a beautifully quiet feel. Via Behance:Bridge in the Fog // Moss and FogBridge in the Fog // Moss and FogBridge in the Fog // Moss and Fog

serene photos of a bridge in the fog



Watching the Aurora Borealis is a special occasion, regardless of how strong or visible it is. This capture of the Aurora in Denmark is remarkable for the intensity, and the reflection of the capture in the water. Via Sploid:

aurora-moss-and-fog-2 aurora-moss-and-fog-3

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Volkswagen did not have a good year, it’s fair to say. Their systematic cheating, lying, and polluting has finally come back to bite them, and it’s meant a massive blow to their bottom line. In addition, they will probably never sell another diesel car in the USA. So, the company is eager to redo their image, in a more eco-friendly, and futuristic way. Enter the fifth iteration of their iconic microbus redux, this time badged as the all-electric I.D. Buzz.  Via Jalopnik and DesignBoom:


Unveiled as a concept car at the NAIAS in Detroit, this version seems to be slightly closer to reality than past iterations. And because VW is overdue for a hit, let’s hope this time, they actually build the car.

volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-2 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-3

Designed to be a fully functional living room, the electric car is replete with touch screens, a pop-up coffee table, and a fully autonomous mode.

volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-4 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-5 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-6 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-7 volkswagen-id-buzz-concept-self-driving-electric-campervan-moss-and-fog-8

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Magnets are magic. We all know that, right? As the owner of a supremely cool Lyfe hovering planter, I can attest that they are indeed, magic.  Now, another Kickstarter-launched product uses the power and beauty of magnets to operate a lamp. Called the Heng Balance Lamp, the light only comes on when the two wooden spheres are aligned in magnetic form, suspended by strings.  This unique design is purely for fun, but helps to add a sense of purpose and alignment to the overall form. Via Colossal:

light-1 light-2 light-3

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Located outside Córdoba Spain, this remarkable home is built directly into the face of a cave. Originally for use in farming and sheltering livestock, this cave home got an extensive renovation that pays homage to the original structure, and respects the beauty of the natural limestone walls. Definitely, a one-of-a-kind place to call home. Via Uncrate:

cave-house-moss-and-fog-2 cave-house-moss-and-fog-3 cave-house-moss-and-fog-4 cave-house-moss-and-fog-5

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