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We take modern day color for granted, but the sources of today’s vibrant colors originate from actual pigments based in nature. The Straus Center for Conservation and Technical Studies at Harvard houses a huge collection of these, including some exceptionally rare pigments. The collection has over 2,500 rare colors, collected from around the world over the last 100 years.

Via Colossal:

[some of the] rarest pigments including a particularly vivid shade of yellow produced from the urine of cows that are fed only mango leaves.


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I made a treehouse as a kid, and it was pretty fancy, by a 13 year-old’s standards. It had a trap door, and some window screen nailed up, as well as a very rickety plank to walk between trees. Designer and builder Guy Mallinson is trying to make me look bad, with his team’s amazing Woodsman Treehouse. Costing an impressive $184,000, the treehouse is a fully livable home, and beautiful, at that. Mallinson and his team went to great lengths not to harm the trees, but build around them, and incorporate their growth into the design of the treehouse. Some of the features included are a wood-fired pizza oven, a rooftop sauna and hot tub, an outdoor tree shower, and a large slide to bring you down quickly. Via MyModernMet:
treehousewoodlandworkshop2 treehousewoodlandworkshop3 treehousewoodlandworkshop16

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Speaking of Goldsworthy, fall colors are at their peak, and we would feel amiss if we didn’t honor some of the gorgeous leaf art that Andy Goldsworthy has created over the years. Below are some of the gorgeous nature arrangements from him, as well as some lookalike art, also painstakingly created and beautiful. Nature’s beauty is all around us. Take a walk, embrace your inner artist, and see what you can come up with.
goldsworthy-moss-and-fog-2 goldsworthy-moss-and-fog-3





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Almost as if Andy Goldsworthy had a daughter working alongside him, Cornelia Konrads is designing painstaking, natural sculptures, with a twist. Her work seems to be taking flight, leaving stubborn gravity and floating into the heavens. Via Colossal:
konrads-2 konrads-3 konrads-5 konrads-8 konrads-11

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Using mathematical polygons, this origami-like kitchen tool folds flat, and makes measuring a snap. Made from recycled plastic, this device is affordable, clever, and fun to use while cooking. Take a look on the product’s Kickstarter page. Via Colossal:

poly-2 polygon-2 polygon-3 polygon-4 polygon-5-1 polygons-1

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LEGO is indispensable. The Beatles are indispensable. Put them together, and you have a very compelling collector’s item, and one that might bring back colorful memories. Inspired by the animated 1968 movie, the Beatles Yellow Submarine LEGO will be a big seller. Coming soon! Via DesignBoom:
lego-beatles-mossandfog-02 lego-beatles-mossandfog-04 lego-beatles-mossandfog-05 lego-beatles-mossandfog-06 lego-beatles-mossandfog-07

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BMW’s Vision Next 100 is an unabashedly futuristic look at motorcycles. Their bike is an autonomous, self-balancing machine, capable or reading your intention, and getting you to the destination, fast. Able to read the road and alert riders of road dangers, they claim the safety of the motorcycle will remove the need for helmets entirely. A zero-emission drivetrain and very avant-garde lines make this a thing of beauty. Whether we will ever see it on the road, is another matter. Via DesignBoom:

bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100-mossandfog01 bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100-mossandfog03 bmw-motorrad-vision-next-100-mossandfog04 bmw-motorrad-vision-next-la-presentation-mossandfog02

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What!? Where did this come from? As one of our absolute favorite series of all time, we’re thrilled to hear that Planet Earth, the seminal nature show from the BBC, is coming back, as a sequel. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, we can expect more jaw-dropping cinematography of our planet’s diversity, incredible animals, and beautiful storytelling. Coming in November.

planet-earth-2-moss-and-fog planet-earth-2-moss-and-fog-2 planet-earth-2-moss-and-fog-3

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Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma has created a wonderfully unique dwelling named Jikka, with a high degree of functionality and human-centered design. Created for two women of retirement age, the complex is clad in wooden paneling bent to cover the peaked roofs. Via Ignant:

architecture_isseisuma_teepee_05 architecture_isseisuma_teepee_09 architecture_isseisuma_teepee_11 architecture_isseisuma_teepee_02 architecture_isseisuma_teepee_14

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Gray Malin is a photographer with a large sense of place. His work is fun and instinctual, and this latest series called “Art of Living” is an extension of his colorful imagination. Placing mid-century furniture on a mirrored floating platform, Malin uses the gorgeous backdrop of French Polynesia to take this scene to a new level. The result is dreamy and surreal, a bit oddball, but a very enticing place to hang out. Via DesignBoom:

gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog2 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog3 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog4 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog5 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog6 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog7 gray-malin-the-art-of-living-midcentury-modern-furniture-mossandfog8

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