Bivystick Satellite Device Keeps You Safe When Off the Grid


For those of us who like getting lost in the woods, there’s always a bit of trepidation when you’re really off the grid, and are possibly days from civilization, in case there’s an emergency. Even worse, there are always stories of people who lose the trail when backpacking, and get hopelessly lost in the wilderness, often with deadly results.

Enter Bivystick, a new satellite connected device that connects to your phone with bluetooth, and lets you send texts, location pins, and SOS messages, even when you’re far from cellphone service.  Without having an expensive satellite contract, you’ll know you have an emergency connection when you’re far from civilization. Currently funding on Kickstarter.


Bivystick gives you peace of mind when you are off the grid by turning your cell phone into a satellite communication device. With no contract or activation fees, you can turn it on only when you need and save money when you don’t. Bivystick allows you to send and receive text messages, share your location, track your path, send an SOS message in case of emergency, and access detailed weather forecasts when you are out of phone service.  All of this seamlessly integrated with Bivy app and it’s database of more than 45,000 trails, climbing routes and waterways. Plus, recharge your phone 2- 3 times with the 6000 mAh backup battery so you can get that message out when needed. Not only will you feel safer while you explore new areas, your loved ones will sleep easily by keeping track of your location and status. It is the ultimate tool for the modern day adventurer. With Bivystick you Stay Safe and Found.