Brilliant Packaging Made From Seaweed is the Anti Single Use Plastic

Notpla is a clever new company that is hoping to help us ditch our terrible singe-use plastic habit. Notpla, or “Not Plastic” has a few different products, but the most interesting is called Ooho, which is made from a seaweed-based material, and is formed into liquid filled packets, holding everything from ketchup to drinking water, to Glenlivet scotch.

The packets (or sachets) themselves biodegrade quickly, but are strong enough to hold up to whatever liquid you use them for. You can either use the packets like you would plastic ones, or you can consume the whole thing, as it’s entirely edible.

In a brilliant marketing move, the company behind Notpla have partnered with a number of organizations to showcase the uses of the material, from water giveaways at the London Marathon, to pop-up drink stands.

In one moment of their promotional video, they mention that a packet of ketchup will last up to 750 years in a landfill, while one of their dissolvable sachets biodegrades in six weeks, naturally.

Teaming up with creative firm Superunion, Notpla won the Cannes Lions’ prestigious Grand Prix in Design.