Chasing Coral – A Must See

chasing coral moss and fog cover

There have been a ton of news stories in the last year that talk about the plight of our coral reefs. The Great Barrier Reef, the largest ecosystem in the world, and one of the true seven wonders of the world, is in grave danger, due to coral bleaching.  But beyond the Great Barrier Reef, smaller reefs all over the globe are in trouble, as sea temperatures rise, and become more acidic. Overfishing and habitat destruction have only accelerated the demise of these underwater worlds.

Chasing Coral, a new documentary just released on Netflix takes a deep dive on the subject, exploring just how quickly these slow-growing and precious habitats are being killed, using state-of-the-art underwater cameras, time-lapse, and other techniques to track the health and life of these fascinating ecosystems. The overall takeaway is one of immediate concern and alarm, with entire reefs being killed in a few months time. The speed of ocean temperature rise is surprising everyone, including climate scientists.

We highly recommend the film, not to make you feel depressed or sad, but to be informed about the health of our planet. Our one and only world. And thanks to the hard work of the Chasing Coral team to bring this beautiful (and scary) film to life.

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