Gorgeous Textural Rivers of Iceland

There’s something magical about the textural gold colors that make up these Icelandic images. Nature is an amazing artist, and Iceland is one of the most amazing canvasses on earth.

These abstract river formations look like paintings, and photographer Gabor Nagy captures them in stunning fashion. The water depth, soil runoff and other natural formations cause the rivers to radiate blue, gold, tan, and aquamarine colors. Any one of these images would look amazing as a large print on a wall. Luckily, his photographs are available for sale, and they’re stunning.

See more of Nagy’s work on his Instagram page and website.

Images used with artist’s permission. 

abstract river paintings made by nature

Nature is an amazing artist, and Iceland is one of the most amazing canvasses on earth.


From the artist:

“Like watercolour on canvas, these glacier rivers are braiding their way through the Highlands of Iceland. I was always fascinated by the abstract forms of the Icelandic glacier rivers. The colours are vital nutrients as the river collects from the soil and carries for the ecosystem.

As always before my missions, I spent months and months on Google Earth and on other sites where I could scout the location with hi-res satellite pictures to find these “paintings”. I started with the official roads, scanned their surroundings meter by meter, and when I found pathways, I scanned the areas towards them — most of the time the areas where I work are super fragile, so it’s important to stay on tracks and leave no trace, so I captured these images with my drone, from between 50 cm to 10 m in 2018-19.”