Hibernate in This Fully Kitted-Out, Cocoon-Like Bed

We’re not saying it’d be a good idea to spend a week in bed. But if you had to, there’d be a lot of worse places to be than the HiBed, designed by Fabio Vinella. The stylish, canopy-style bed is packed with features, from built-in lighting, to a 70-inch retractable screen, with projector.  In addition, the bed has a number of health related abilities, like monitoring weight, sleep patterns, temperature, and acting as an alarm.

We must admit there are times during a bad cold when the HiBed seems like the perfect place to binge-watch a show and forget about the outside world. Via Yanko Design:

From Fabio Vinella:

“A technological bed, inherits the codes of Hi-Can, the first and iconic product of the Hi-Interiors company. Characterized by a lighter design and highly customizable in configurations and finishes, the project gives life to an intelligent bed with a trendy character, capable of integrating effortlessly with the furniture in an intelligent and at the same time versatile way. 


This smart bed integrates a 70-inch screen, on which you can enjoy TV series and films, connected to a hidden and protected projector, mounts audio speakers, motorized curtains to safeguard privacy, dimmable lights. Through sophisticated biometric sensors. you can monitor your sleep and analyze the data directly on your smartphone, thanks to the integrated WiFi module.”