Japanese Retail Company Muji Has a Modern Prefab Home for Sale

The Japanese retailer Muji has tried to position itself as an ‘unbrand’, a label-less company that makes everything from socks and shirts, to electronics and apparently, houses too.

Their latest modern pre-fab home is called the Yō no Ie House (Plain House), and showcase a restrained, elegant minimalism. Designed with Japan’s aging population in mind, the home is single level with no stairs, but offers plenty of space and storage in its compact, 800 square-feet footprint.

They’ve actually had a line of small and innovative pre-fab homes for years, available only in Japan, and catering to mostly an urban audience. This latest design is meant more for a suburban or urban setting, and we appreciate the simplistic yet light-filled interior and unpretentious honesty of the design. The recessed area in the deck makes a nice modernist statement.

Pricing for the Yō no Ie House starts at $160,000, see more on Dwell.