Loop Promises an End to Most of Your Daily Single Use Containers

Nestle Haagen-Dazs Chocolate Reusable Container

Loop, a new initiative from recycling company Terracycle, just launched, and it’s an ambitious and optimistic effort. Announced in collaboration with a number of major household brands, Loop’s idea is to offer premium, reusable and refillable containers for most of your daily needs. From your mouthwash container in the morning, to your scoop of ice cream in the evening, Loop wants to help eliminate the billions of single-use containers thrown away every day.

We all know single-use plastic creates a myriad of environmental problems, and most consumers are ready for a better product ecosystem entirely. Recycling is one step, but the stats around recycling are troubling, and it has it’s own set of sustainability issues.


The Loop tote is a breakthrough zero-waste delivery system that eliminates wasteful single use shipping materials


We’re excited about this one, for the way they’ve partnered with major brands, which should help the initiative get off the ground with much more momentum. Additionally, they’ve paid attention to product design, which should improve the customer experience even further, reinforcing the need for reusable packaging.


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Loop is the milkman reimagined – honoring our past from a modern perspective.