Lovely Nighttime Gifs by Nancy Liang

There’s something unexpected and lovely about this series of Gifs by Sydney-based artist Nancy Liang. The charcoal color palette perhaps, but more likely the playful and charming scenes of nighttime, with subtle movements and gentle swaying. It’s an agreeable collection, one we could see being expanded into a short film or show, with a host of plant and animal characters.   Via Colossal:

nighttime gifs by Nancy Liangnighttime gifs by Nancy Liang

“While most people are asleep, I find something very exciting about being awake. The night is quiet and still, and much like my thoughts, this inspires curious and mysterious urban stories out there”

Nancy Liang

tumblr_py6vedBA5P1te7nh8o1_1280tumblr_pz8jrscqrC1te7nh8o1_1280nighttime gifs by Nancy Liangnighttime gifs by Nancy Liang