Manifest Bike Design Competition

What happens when you pit five great bicycling cities against each other, aiming to find the coolest new design for an urban bike? The Oregon Manifest, an inspiring event that has spawned some truly awesome rides. This year is no exception, with five unique and innovative designs coming out of Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Each city’s team had to design and craft a working bike that took on challenges that cyclists face, while creating a beautiful ride that might make it to mass production. The winning bike design is decided by you, the voter, and will be put into production starting in 2015, thanks in partnership with Fuji bikes. Each city’s entry has a short video showcasing the design and features, check them all out and vote on your favorite!

Chicago – The Blackline

New York – The Merge

Seattle – The Denny

Portland – Solid

San Francisco – Evo

CHI_MNMLxMethodBicycle_BLACKLINE-1160x730 NYC_MERGE_Integrated_cable_storage_for_wheel_lock-1160x730 NYC_MERGE_Rear_light_and_retractable_fender-1160x730 NYC_PENSAxHorseCycles_MERGE-1160x730 PDX_INDUSTRYxTiCycles_SOLID-1160x730 PDX_SOLID_Self-regulating_integrated_light_sensors_and_detachable_rack_system-1160x730 SEA-DENNY-the-Denny-bike-also-has-a-fully-integrated-smart-lighting-system-that-adapts-the-intensity-based-on-the-natural-light-conditions-1160x730 SEA-DENNY-The-handlebar-is-an-integrated-u-lock-system-which-allows-for-that-quick-stop-security-1160x730 SEA-TEAGUExSizemoreBicycles_DENNY1-1160x730 SF_HUGEx4130_evo2-e1406408269862-1160x730 SF-EVO-cable-lock-stows-in-seat-tube-1160x730 SF-EVO-light-works-with-all-attachements-1160x730