Just returned from ten days in northern Europe, and the last five in Amsterdam. It was my second visit, and a thoroughly, exceedingly more insightful trip the second time around. Not bounded by the need to visit coffeeshops or worry about stolen bags at the hostel, my pals and I rented a beautiful apartment in the Jordaan, a close-in neighborhood that hugs the western canals. Bikes were of course the preferred and only sensible form of transport, and once familiar with the busy traffic that pedals past, it was a joy.

The nature of the city is boisterous and diverse, but also can be strangely calm and quiet. For all the nonsense of Damm square, the more quiet alleys and canals hold far more culture, history and architectural significance than anywhere else I’ve ever traveled. I’m a sucker for good design, and there’s something about the slightly off-kilter, brick canal houses that scream tasteful and stylish at the same time. Some are clad with contrasting shutters, others are impossibly slim. Almost all of them are intriguing.


As I’m literally still returning from travels, stay tuned for more photos and thoughts.