The Labrador Retriever is a Blocky Robot, Not a Furry Dog

Well, the Labrador home robot might not be the assistant we expected. Indeed, the humanoid home robot still seems quite a ways off. But this new assistant is intriguing, especially considering its use cases around the home.

Designed as a mobility assistant for those with disabilities, it’s an advanced robotic cart, able to navigate your home, retrieve trays off of shelves, out of fridges, and provide support for those that need it.

They say the simplest solutions are often the best, and while not sexy, Labrador seems to have found an important niche to serve, helping those who have had strokes, are in wheelchairs, or are unable to bend or lift.

The Retriever is their newest model, able to adjust height, carry loads, and be called using voice commands.  For those that have a disability, it has provided an essential way for people to keep their independence, and improve their self worth.

Now if it only had a furry tail to wag in approval….