The Woman In This Photo Doesn’t Have Blue Eyes

We all like a good optical illusion. And this one properly bends your brain, showcasing a woman’s piercing blue eyes with a red filter put over it. Except, there is no blue in this photo at all.

What is going on?

Illusionist Dean Jackson presents how this visual illusion was created, and how we can trick our brains to see something that isn’t there.


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The version below shows the gray color that her eyes actually have, though our minds try to interpret something that isn’t there.


“Your brain detects the pigment — the grey area around the pupil — and it assumes that the red filter has trapped the blue light,” 

“So it tries to help you out, as your brain should, by putting the blue color back into the picture for you, and your brain is completely misleading you in the process.”

-Illusionist Dean Jackson

Via PetaPixel.