A New Canvas for Artists: Tennis Courts

Artists love big canvasses, as it allows for large, impactful visions. Tennis courts have lately become interesting outlets for painters. The New York Times has an article about the United States Tennis Association initiative called Art Courts, meant to invigorate the sport, and bring color to underserved neighborhoods.

Some of the artists include Justus Roe of Chicago; KiiK Create, a duo in Miami (Manoela del Pilar Madera Nadal and David Gray Edgerton); and Charlie Edmiston of Los Angeles. Puerto Rican-born artist Sen2 Figueroa also took part in a massive set of court paintings in Highland Park.


“This was one of the most difficult projects I did in my life; but I liked it a lot,” Mr. Figueroa said. “I wanted it crispy. I didn’t do it for the money. I want people to appreciate the details.”