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feral children of the world

Sujit Kumar (the chicken boy), Fiji, 1978
Kept in a chicken coop by his family until the age of 8, Sujit Kumar clucked, pecked at food, and roosted like a bird

The stories behind the photographs aren’t pretty. They’re weird, terrifying, and often disturbing. But photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten does a great job creating beautifully lit scenes to pay homage to these strange stories. Like Sujit Jumar, trapped in a chicken coop for so long, he pecked like a chicken and ‘roosted’ at night. Descriptions and images via DesignBoom:

feral children of the world

Lobo wolf girl, Mexico, 1845/1852
Seen in Mexico running on all fours with a pack of wolves, attacking a herd of goats

feral children of the world

Prava (the bird boy), Russia, 2008
confined to a room containing dozens of his mother’s pet birds, Prava could not speak when found, only chirp

feral children of the world

Kamala and Amala, India, 1920
aged 8 and 1 respectively, the pair were found living in a cave with wolves
running on all fours, the pair were physically deformed and had exceptional hearing, sight and sense of smell

feral children of the world

Rochom P’ngien (jungle girl), Cambodia, 2007
Rochom was caught at the age of 27 having been missing for 19 years. She walked on all fours and could not speak

feral children of the world

Madina, Russia, 2013
Lived with dogs until the age of three; when found she walked on all fours and growled

feral children of the world

Oxana Malaya, Ukraine, 1991
Lived with dogs in a kennel for 6 years, when found she panted, bared her teeth, ran on all fours and barked

feral children of the world

John Ssebunya (the monkey boy), 1991
living with monkeys for 3 years, John survived until the age of 6 on roots and nuts before he was found

feral children of the world

Ivan Mishukov, Russia, 1998
After running away at the age of four, Ivan lived for two years with a pack of dogs. He now leads a normal life

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viking village

Between Höfn and Djúpivogur in rural Iceland lies a Viking village. Well, a beautiful replica of a Viking village, that is. Built in 2010 for a film that never happened, the replica set is beautiful desolate and abandoned. Due to funding issues, the set was never used, though that might change in the next few years, as interest in Viking history grows. Photographer Jan Erik Waider has a beautifully stoic collection of images from the set, which looks as if it’s been there for hundreds of years. Iceland just never stops amazing us. Via Behance:

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This is just Wow. As an Oregonian, I’m very proud of my state. It’s people and politics and nature all add up to something special. But I’ve never seen the Beaver state like this, and I bet you haven’t either. Made using infrared converted cameras, Sam Forencich has created a masterpiece of scenery and landscape. Beautifully shot using drones and time lapse, the scenery looks completely otherworldly thanks to the way infrared lights things up. Mount Hood comes alive with colors you’ve never seen. Crater Lake looks like an alien landscape from a science fiction movie. Edited with brilliantly choreographed sound design, this is a fullscreen, sound-on affair. Do yourself a favor and devote 5 minutes fully to this video, entitled Invisible Oregon. It’s amazing. Via LaughingSquid:

invisibleoregon-mossandfog2 invisibleoregon-mossandfog3 invisibleoregon-mossandfog4 invisibleoregone-mossandfog5


Spend too much time looking at the news these days, and you’re liable to want to leave the mainland. Literally. Well, if you happen to have deep (very deep) pockets, Melody Key might be just the ticket. Located 25 miles from Key West, this miniature island is only 5.24 acres, but features a beautiful three story timber lodge, complete with a self sufficient solar and desalination system. And the fact that it’d be your own private island just sounds good.  Yours, for a cool $6.9 million. Via Uncrate:

melody-key-2 melody-key-3 melody-key-5 melody-key-6 melody-key-8



Daily Overview is a beautiful website that showcases stunning images of our planet from space. The most impressive part is how diverse our small planet is, with hundreds of different colors and textures. Below are just a handful of beautiful views. The hardcover book version is available for sale here. 


Yuanyang Rice Terraces, China


Sand Dunes, Chad

Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam


Shadegan Lagoon, Iran


Everglades National Park, Florida


Primitive Technology is a YouTube channel dedicated to building authentic, real world tools and structures using…. primitive technology.  The latest creation is an impressive “bed shed”, an elevated platform with roof, allowing you to sleep off the ground and covered from the rain. Presented without voiceover or music, the videos posted are oddly peaceful and engaging.


Gue is an Italian artist who is not afraid of color. This basketball court in Alessandria, Italy, has been brought to life with a daring and vibrant paint job. The color is so bold and unexpected that the basketball players look superimposed onto a fake backdrop.  I’d love to play a pickup game on this court. Via DesignBoom:

gue-basketball-court-alessandria-italy-moss-and-fog-2 gue-basketball-court-alessandria-italy-moss-and-fog-3 gue-basketball-court-alessandria-italy-moss-and-fog-4


Norway is gorgeous, and Morten Rustad has done it justice with this 4K time lapse video of the seasons changing throughout the country. Take a look.

norway1 norway2 norway3


Simply titled The Barn, this stunning property is a guesthouse by architecture firm Carney Logan Burke. With huge windows overlooking quaking aspen trees and views of the Teton mountains, we’d love to spend a weekend tucked into this rehabilitated 1900s barn. Via Uncrate:

the-barn-moss-and-fog-2 the-barn-moss-and-fog-3 the-barn-moss-and-fog-4 the-barn-moss-and-fog-5 the-barn-moss-and-fog-6



Watching the Aurora Borealis is a special occasion, regardless of how strong or visible it is. This capture of the Aurora in Denmark is remarkable for the intensity, and the reflection of the capture in the water. Via Sploid:

aurora-moss-and-fog-2 aurora-moss-and-fog-3

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