Andres Reisinger’s Airy Dreamworld


We’re continually amazed at the way 3D software and digital rendering tools can create entire worlds from your imagination. There truly is no limit to what’s possible, and that makes for a very expansive canvas for artists and designers. Andres Reisinger embraces this freedom fully, and showcases some really beautiful and imaginative scenes in this series called Plastic Rain.

In it, big, airy, minimal spaces are adorned with geometric furniture and objects, feeling both dreamlike and vaguely familiar. A chaise lounge sits next to an enormous oblong window, looking out onto soft evening clouds. In another, a bed sits in the middle of an enormous airy room, with a circular skylight above, and a bold spherical sculpture peering in. The light, almost pastel color palette fit beautifully with the surrealist minimalism at play. Reisinger’s work seems effortless in this space. Via Behance: