Circulatory Scenes Showcase Human Beings Without Skin or Bones

Ever wondered what you might look like, with no skin or bones?

In these highly detailed and unique renderings, we see the human body in only circulatory form.  It’s fascinating and jarring look, like a standing length of red thread.

The work of photographer Jan Kriwol and CGI artist Markos Kay, the series explores new ways at looking at the human body.  It’s a reminder of how intricate and complex our bodies are.  See more on Colossal:


“Back in the early days of anatomical illustration (c. 1500 – c. 1800), artists often rendered the human figure within the lavish landscape of the anatomist’s hometown. These historical illustrations are part of what inspired photographer Jan Kriwol and CGI artist Markos Kay to create the photographic series Human After All. The main character is the human circulatory system in the context of mundane urban life—grocery shopping, eating a burger, and even taking a cigarette break.”