Congolese Performers Create Powerful Costumes of Trash to Convey Political Messages

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the most resource-rich countries in the world, yet citizens of this impoverished nation often don’t feel that way. Indeed, Congo has become a dumping ground for many parts of the world, with neglected electronics, cars, and trash being sent to the country, where some materials are scavenged, and most scrapped.

A group of street performers in Kinshasa called Ndaku Ya La Vie Est Belle have taken some of this trash, and made dramatic costumes that either are metaphors for their own struggles, or representation of their broken lives.


The costumes are scavenged from used materials of all sorts, from scrap metal to tires to flip flops, all made into full-body costumes that feel both scary and strangely funny.

The images are memorable and powerful. Learn more via Guardian

“Dolls found in rubbish dumps, radio parts and discarded flip-flops are among items used to create surreal costumes by a Kinshasa collective highlighting political and environmental issues”



Photography by Kris Pannecoucke