Famous Portraits In History, Turned Robotic

From Vermeer to DaVinci to Picasso, there are dozens of famous portraits throughout history, and we were curious how they might look with a new, distinctly robotic overhaul.

We challenged AI to recreate some of the most well-known portraits in art history, giving them a bizarre, robot-twist. Using the tool Midjourney, we queried a range of famous portraits, going back hundreds of years through art history, trying to find iconic images that would be recognizable.

We found that the AI had mixed success, often rendering the original portrait alongside a robotic figure, not understand the task of combining the two.  It actually took dozens of tries to get each of the portraits below, which are our picks of the most successful robotic overhauls.

What famous portraits did we miss? Do any of them inspire you, or disgust you? 🤖


“Girl with the Android Earring”



“Mona Robolisa”



“Fridabot 3000”




“Pablo Borg”








“American Gothic 3.0”




“Vincent Van GoBot”




“The Robotic Cavalier”



“The Screambot”