First Electric Scooters, Now App-Enabled Rental for…. Pogo Sticks?


This post would have made for great April Fools material, if it weren’t somehow a real thing. Yes, folks, you can now use your smartphone to show you a map of all the closest pogo sticks, for your awkward bouncing enjoyment.


The perfect-tech-startup-named Cangaroo was launched in Sweden, and will open in (where else?) San Francisco soon, with by-the-hour rental pogo sticks. Even more surprising, these aren’t electrified, next generation pogo sticks, they seem to be rather conventional, if pink in color.


If you hated the electric scooters that have recently become popular, you’re going to really have a field day, with people awkwardly bouncing up and down crowded sidewalks, accidentally jumping on errant feet.


With a slogan of “Jump into the future”, we laughed out loud at the absurdity of the startup. But who knows, maybe Cangoroo will bounce their way to success, and have the last laugh. Via Jalopnik: