Fleeting Beach and Nature Artworks by Andres Amador

Artist Andres Amador is all about the temporary. Despite dedicating himself to large-scale, time-intensive sand sculptures and artwork, he’s perfectly okay with the work being washed away moments later. He considers himself an Earthscape artist.

Creating geometric patterns and shapes on sand, as well as Andy Goldsworthy-esque nature pieces, Amador’s work is ambitious and also fleeting, which is part of why we like it so much. The connection to nature is strong, allowing the natural world to take over the art, even moments after its made. Paying attention to low and high tides, Amador chooses a particular beach that is wide and at low tide, giving him time to create his piece. Immediately afterward, he photographs the artwork with a drone, a tool that is instrumental in helping him get an aerial perspective.


A great short video on Amador’s Earthscapes, from KQED: