Hyper Realistic Butterly Specimen Murals

butterfly murals moss and fog 1

Mural art is entering a fantastic new age, where artists are able to showcase creativity in a range of new forms, thanks to technology, and to an ever-increasing creativity prowess. Case in point: French artist Mantra, and his enormous butterfly specimen art, entitled Mariposas de Aragón. The murals showcase butterflies like they would be preserved in a collector’s frame. Mantra has a great ability for showing the depth and shadow of the frame, and making it appear as though the art is popping off of the building itself.  The effect is arresting, and we’d love to walk around the art in person.  This series from last year was painted in Spain, Austria, France, and Bogota, Colombia. Via Colossal:

butterfly murals moss and fog 2butterfly murals moss and fog 3butterfly murals moss and fog 4butterfly murals moss and fog 5butterfly murals moss and fog 6