Incredibly Realistic Tree Sculptures by Christophe Guinet

Adult trees twisted into pretzels and corkscrews. What is this madness? That madness is the work of Christophe Guinet, better known as Monsieur Plant.

Those trees are actually sculptures, made of plaster, and covered in tree bark to look like they grew in the forest that way. The series is called Twist, and it’s both ambitious and playful.

It’s an impressive series, one that plays with form in fun and unusual ways. We see a recognizable form (tree), then our mind has to adjust the artist’s surrealist take.

All images used with artist’s permission. 

Monsieur Plant tells Moss and Fog:

“Each of the works was sculpted in plaster, according to sketches, then covered with pine bark to create the illusion of a real tree trunk.

It was during my walks in the forest that I was inspired by this project, by observing the way trees grow, we found unusual, unique, humorous shapes… questions me about adaptation in its environment and to what extent nature can surprise me. This is the reason why I wanted to work on the deformation by exaggerating the forms in order to challenge, question the person who observes my works.”