Is the Desk Dead? Blå Station Says Yes

The plain-ol desk isn’t as commonplace as it once was, with a lot of people telecommuting, or offices adopting shared workspaces, standing desks, and the like. Swedish furniture company Blå Station has a notion for the future of the office workstation, with a modular system called BOB Job, which consists of modules that fit together in a myriad of ways.

Via Design Milk:

BOB Job aims to be that perfect solution to outfit a casual and/or creative workspace with its modular sofa system that can be configured in an endless amount of ways. Besides the seating modules, you can add tables for drinks or your computer, shelves to house your magazines, documents, or gear, and partitions for added privacy. Plus there are outlets to keep all of your gear charged up when needed and spots to hold plants. The system is designed to allow for growth and changes and can be reconfigured at any time making it practical as well as functional.