Live Blogging the NYC Marathon

Christoph Niemann has an awesome minimalism that has vaulted him to the top of print publications as an illustrator and cartoonist. His latest project, live-blogging the NYC marathon, shows just how quirky and creative he is.  While running the grueling marathon, Niemann brought along paper and pencils, and even markers and paint. He sketched his simple, delightful scenes, all while jogging 26.2 miles of New York City streets.  He then took photos of the drawings with his phone, and tweeted them, on the run.  Below are a small sampling of his sketches.

Christoph Niemann
Abstract Sunday mirrors Christoph Niemann’s illustrations for The Times Magazine and is an archive of Abstract City, his Opinion column, which ran from 2008 through early 2011.

Niemann’s work has appeared on the covers of The New Yorker, Newsweek, Wired and American Illustration and has won numerous awards from the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Art Directors Club and American Illustration. He is the author of many books, among them “The Pet Dragon”, which teaches Chinese characters to young readers, “I LEGO N.Y.” and, most recently, “SUBWAY.” It is based on “The Boys and the Subway,” the first entry of the Abstract City blog. After 11 years in New York, he moved to Berlin with his wife, Lisa Zeitz, and their three sons. You can also find him on his Web site or on Twitter @abstractsunday.