Modular, Playful Tiny House Shaped Like a Tree Trunk

Meet Bert, a playful, tree trunk-shaped modular tiny home from Austrian firm Precht. The warm and inviting shapes fit together in nearly endless configurations, and look great nestled amongst a real forest.  We appreciate the wooden shingle cladding, which lends a fun and welcoming appearance. The designers purposely created Bert to be a breath of fresh air, especially in an architectural community that is very self-serious and often times stale.

Inside, the modular forms have plenty of space for living, and their large circular windows create a lovely porthole effect. We envision a small village of these in a forest, feeling both like a home for hobbits, and something you might see on the forest moon of Endor.

Via Dezeen:

“We know that buildings like Bert are not the path forward on a big scale, but I think as an industry, we need to dare more, try more and experiment more towards a more diverse future of our cities.”

    – Precht

“Designing Bert, we tried to remember back to our childhood when we were climbing trees and building shelters with branches. We experienced nature in a 3 dimensional way and saw our surrounding as a playground. We tried to look at Bert from this perspective. How would children imagine a treehouse?”