Oldest Single Malt Scotch Enclosed in Elegant Bottle and Oak Case

The world’s oldest single malt Scotch whisky is worthy of a very nice vessel, and Gordon & MacPhail made sure of it, by hiring British-Ghanaian architect David Adjaye to create a stunning enclosure. The 80-year old whisky is held in an elegant bottle that was hand blown by Glencairn Crystal Studio and supposedly hew from a single block of crystal.

The bottle’s significant, tactile heft is something worthy of the whisky’s occasion. And with it comes what Adjaye calls the ‘oak pavilion’, an oversized crate-like box that is every bit as refined as the bottle itself.

Via Dezeen:

“The vertical struts of the outer pavilion are reflective of trees in an oak forest from which the staves of the original cask were hewn”

With only 250 bottles made, it’s clear that this is a very special bottling, indeed. No word on pricing, though if you have to ask…