Panasonic and Vitra’s See-Through Television

We are entering a new era of screen technology, where the physical displays are becoming thin, flexible, rollable, and in this case, transparent. Presented as a concept at the Milan Furniture Fair, Panasonic collaborated with famed Swiss design company Vitra to design the Vitrine, a shadow-box that is transparent when off, and a television when on.

All of the technical components of the television have been elegantly hidden within the wooden frame, leaving just a clean, open box look. Perfect as a non-obtrusive furniture piece, the Vitrine comes alive when turned on, thanks to special OLED technology. Via DesignMilk:


“Vitrine converts from a passive object into a lively and dynamic element, from something meant to be seen into something meant to be watched,” said Panasonic designer Michael Shadovitz.