Snuggie for the Outdoor Crowd?

The infomercials. Those dreaded, I’m-embarrassed-for-humanity infomercials that tout the Snuggie, dear lord! Can we all agree that a blanket with arms that helps you out with couch-potato-ing is kind of sad? Isn’t this why the terrorists ‘hate our freedom’?

Well, somehow, if you take that general concept, change the snuggie to a technical-type material, and add some hipster photography and other thoughtful touches, it’s reborn in a much less offensive way. It’s undeniably cooler. Hipster snuggie, anyone?

The Napsack, by Poler, is a sleeping bag that gives your arms and legs freedom. Available in orange or black, the company is definitely going after the young active crowd, who also seek a slightly humorous, entirely lazy way to stay warm. I can’t say you’ll look any less ridiculous wearing this garb, but you’ll have to spend $130 on it, which maybe will force you to feel cool wearing it.