The End of Sitting?

Offices are increasingly realizing that sitting at a desk all day isn’t healthy. Indeed, it’s downright bad for you. Standing desks are one way to combat it. But they’re pretty traditional. To bust the field wide open, Dutch studio RAAAF has taken on a concept project called “The End of Sitting”. They’ve created a series of glacier and boulder-like surfaces, and no formal chairs or tables. Pretty off-the-wall, and pretty cool. Via Wired:

“What if we had an environment without chairs and tables, and we don’t think in these archetypes, but in terms of activities?”

RAAAF-_-The-End-of-Sitting_Photo-Jan-Kempenaers_Y7X01142 RAAAF-_-The-End-of-Sitting_Photo-Jan-Kempenaers_Y7X01672 RAAAF-_-The-End-of-Sitting_Photo-Jan-Kempenaers_Y7X01742small RAAAF-_-The-End-of-Sitting_Photo-Ricky-Rijkenberg_34