The ‘Sneature’ is a Futuristic Sneaker Made from Entirely Biodegradable Material

Who says the best and most innovative sneakers have to come from the major players?

We are impressed by this ‘Sneature’ concept by German designer Emilie Burfeind. Combining ‘sneaker’ and ‘nature’, the thesis project showcases the extent to which natural materials can be combined to create something handsome and useful.

The futuristic-looking knit shoe is made from a host of unlikely materials, including mycelium mushroom, natural rubber, and even shed dog hair that has been combed and knit into a 3D upper.

Why utilize such unconventional materials? Burfeind is shining a light on the waste that conventional apparel manufacturers create, and showing the kind of innovation that can replace that waste.

We’re impressed by how functional and even stylish the final product is, considering this is a one-off school project. We imagine there are companies eager to attract the talent of Burfeind and bring her unique vision to life.

Via Laughing Squid:

“Sneature is a design framework of a sustainable sneaker. The use of biomaterials in combination with additive manufacturing methods enable individual adaptation to the user and decentralized production.”

        –Emilie Burfeind