The Wheelchair Gets A Sleek Redesign


Mobility tools for those with disabilities are often an afterthought for designers and product engineers. We find this unfair and uninspiring. That’s why the Model F, a sleek and futuristic rethinking of the wheelchair, is so fascinating. South Korean designer Kwanjun Ryu has radically rethought the ways in which a wheelchair can function, and the ways in which it works in our modern world.

These advancements include a myriad of adjustment options, from seat height, direction and orientation, as well as an Omni wheel, which dramatically reduces the turning radius compared to traditional wheelchairs. Easy battery swapping allows for effortless power changes, and a folding, snap-apart design makes the Model F a breeze to fit in an airplane or a car trunk.  Really clever design that pushes the functionality of a wheelchair, while also improving the aesthetics immensely.  Via Yanko Design: